Congregation B'nai Tikvah


Welcome to B'nai Tikvah. We are the first and only Reconstructionist congregation in the Greater Cincinnati area and in all of Southwestern Ohio. Our members are Jewish couples and singles, intermarried couples, and those who have chosen Judaism by choice. We live in West Chester, Mason, Fairfield, Wyoming, Hamilton, and other communities in and around Cincinnati.

We are a "People's Shul," firmly committed to making decisions in accordance with democratic process.

We respect tradition, but we are not afraid to question it. We embrace the Reconstructionist position that tradition has a vote, but not a veto.

We favor flexibility over dogmatism. Nothing is carved in stone except our desire to build as outstanding a congregation as possible.

We are eclectic in our openness to all teachings and practices, regardless of denomination, which nurture the experience of being part of a Jewish community and enhance our members' sense of spiritual fulfillment.

We gather regularly to observe the Sabbath and Jewish holidays, to study and to celebrate together.

We support one another in times of sorrow and rejoice in each other's gladness.

We do not believe that one religion is superior to another or that one people is superior to another. But we are deeply committed to the continuation of the Jewish people, the maintenance of Jewish life, and the belief in a universal God.

In keeping with our outlook of openness and willingness to explore, our prayer book is deliberately "loose leaf," capable of continual growth and development. We value the use of Hebrew in our services, and our prayer book includes both Hebrew text as well as transliteration of the prayers into English.


The majority of members of B'nai Tikvah embrace the Reconstructionist view that the mitzvot of the Torah are observed because they add to people's lives a sense of meaning, belonging and identity with the Jewish people.

In keeping with this outlook, our Religious School seeks to: Our congregation accepts matrilineal descent as well as patrilineal descent - a child is Jewish when either parent is Jewish and the child is raised a Jew.

Congregation B'nai Tikvah's telephone number is (513)759-5356.

Visit our web site at

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