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Only in Salem!

About the Guide to Life in Salem

Once upon a time, there were two Ohio girls on the Internet, friends from elementary school, and "Days of Our Lives" fans for almost that long. Our heroines began to email each other complaints and jokes about the day's show, developing in the process a fictional guide for new characters to Salem, to help them adjust to this insane world we call Salem. Somewhere in the midst of howling with laughter, we came up with the idea of this Website. Krista currently maintains the site, as our co-authoress, Renee, has graduated into Real Life. (Gasp.) Krista is still available for your email thoughts, though! She is currently heartbroken over the impending loss of Mike Horton from "Days"--feel free to send her your condolences.

The Guide to Life in Salem

All ye who believe in the power of Horton doughnuts, enter here.

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