Stod Rowe Trading Terminal for Intraday News, Charts, and Quotes         Last Rev.        5/26/2008
Quotes/News EPS, PE, YLD, NEWS Quotes via Yahoo, (use Detailed, Chart, & Research for Zacks).
Intraday Chart Live Java Charting's Intraday Java Charts
Island Pre-Mkt. Use BookViewer (on right) is a premier before and after hours barameter on individual Stocks.
Real Time Indices Market Overview CBS MarketWatch Link to Industry Indices in Real Time.
Options CBOE Options PCQuote is the direct CBOE Quoting service.
Optionetics Chart Indices Optionetics brings together a lot of pertinent information to one place.
Headlines Big Picture News Now CBS MarketWatch of Headlines (use Pre-Mkt).
Market Monitor Real Time News CBS MarketWatch (2 min. delay).
Point and Figure Charts de jour has a great 'point and figure' chart for indices ('$ in front of index)
Crude Oil Commodity Price Bloomberg Energy News.(20 min. delay)
Bloomberg Buisness News Bloomberg Business News. Business News Business News.
CNN FN Business News CNN Business News. (for Fair Value use AM Market Call).
IBD @ Yahoo Business News Investor's Business Daily (for Technical Articles on Specific Topics).
CNN EPS First Call Est. CNN Business News. (for EPS estimates in Earnings season).
Headlines Big Picture Reuters Headline News at Yahoo.
Chart w/Avgs Complete Chart Now PCQuote offers a complete chart directly (20 min. delay).
EPS by Ticker EPS Estimates MSN is good for basic EPS information (w/ grain of salt).
World Markets Pre-Market Yahoo's Pre- Market activity on foreign exchanges.
Analysis Moving Avgs. Stock Selector has a good list of fundamentals, (use Technicals).
Analysis Directional Indices VectorVest always has an opinion by the numbers.
Filter Filter Whole Market Wall Street Research Net, know your criteria first, then apply.
SI Silicon Investor Follow your company's threads with a 'grain of salt.'
Financial Chat Yahoo Boards Follow your company's threads with a 'grain of salt.'
10 Year Chart 1 Year Candlestick Wall Street City provides great range in charting capabilities.
NASDAQ Real Time Chart NASDAQ Index, (2 min. delay).
Options by Vol Out of Money Compare Option Premium and Current Price, (use once / day).
EPS cal. SI's EPS Calendar Estimated EPS announcement dates in the current quarter.
EPS cal. EPS Calendar via Yahoo Zack's list of EPS est. by date this week,(not just high tech).
Edgar SEC reports SEC filings by Company name not Ticker.

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