Noise and Vibration Control Through Material Innovations


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Design and Production of Application-Specific:

  • Conventional Constrained Layer Damping Systems Check it Out
  • Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD) / Tuned Vibration Absorbers (TVA) Check It Out



These systems are generally designed and developed in a very application-specific manner via careful consideration of the particular structural dynamics, operating temperature regime at the application site, as well as applicable outgassing, flammability, heat exposure, etc. requirements.

These systems can be configured to attenuate noise and vibration related to a wide range of vehicles and structures including:

  • Aircraft Fuselage Skin
  • Aircraft Wing Skin/Flap Structure
  • Aircraft Honeycomb Composite Panels
  • Aircraft Frames and Stringers
  • Satellite Structures
  • Launch Vehicle Payload Fairing Structures
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Automotive
  • Luxury Yachts
  • Marine
  • Heavy Truck
  • Consumer Products
  • etc.


Noise and Vibration Control Engineering and Test Services

  • Structural Dynamics Experimental Measurements / Structural Dynamics Laboratory
  • Structural Dynamics Finite Element Analysis
  • ASTM E-756, SAE J1637 (Oberst Bar), etc. Vibrating Beam Technique Material Measurements
  • Dynamic Stiffness Measurements of Mounts, Isolators, Elastomeric Elements, etc. via MTS Machine


Material Measurement and Damping Treatment Design Hardware/Software System

Damping Technologies has created a powerful hardware and software package for automated vibrating beam technique (ASTM E-756, SAE J1637- Oberst Bar) data acquisition and associated data processing.

The package includes:

  • VBT Data Acquisition Module - Automated Vibrating Beam Data Acquisition (Simultaneously Test Up to 6 Beam Fixtures)
  • Data Storage and Management
  • VBT Data Processing Module - Includes Temperature-Frequency Superposition and Curve-Fitting
  • VBT Design Module - Multi-Layer Surface Damping System Design (Closed-Form Beam and Plate Models)

Check out Technical Details and Features of VBT:

VBT Details

VBT Sample Output


General Background Information

Damping Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1989 in response to a need for unique vibration damping products which could efficiently deliver significant levels of damping to structures for control of high cycle fatigue and noise issues related to resonance response of aerospace structures. Damping Technologies, Inc.engineering assets have extensive experience with structural dynamics problem-solving in the aerospace, automotive, and consumer products industries.

The strength of the company resides with extensive knowledge and experience regarding viscoelastic damping materials. Damping Technologies, Inc. characterizes the dynamic mechanical properties of viscoelastic materials via ASTM E-756 Vibrating Beam Technique on a daily basis. Damping Technologies can select from a large menu of viscoelastic damping materials including, but not limited to, those that meet stringent out-gassing, thermal exposure, aging, and solvent exposure requirements.

Some engineering services companies perform damping system design, yet do no actual product manufacturing. In essence, they have absolutely no experience in the production/manufacturing environment. Damping Technologies, on the other hand, is a full service damping solution resource having both engineering and manufacturing expertise relative to structural dynamics solutions. There is no substitute for experience, and there is no substitute for manufacturing experience when designing something which must ultimately be manufactured. It can absolutely mean the difference between success and failure. This is one reason that damping solutions are not more numerous than they are. Damping solutions are very difficult to bring to the production environment. There are many fine details which must be addressed and controlled to bring high performance application-specific damping products to full production.

To summarize, what is required for solution and optimization of damping solutions for challenging noise/vibration control applications is a solid blend of hands-on structural dynamics engineering experience, manufacturing experience, as well as innovation derived from years of working with viscoelastic materials and application-specific damping systems.

When we talk innovation, we aren't just talking about damping system design. We're talking analysis, design, component material selection, processing, production, and quality control. We regard our business as a full-service approach to structural dynamics solutions.


Business Scope

         Damping Technologies Inc. currently has a number of Constrained Layer Damping Systems, Tuned Vibration Absorbers (TVA), Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD), Vibration Isolation Systems, and DTI Damping Links in production on specific applications.

         DTI Stand-Off Damping Systems are currently in production on (26) different applications - (5) specifically addressing high-cycle fatigue issues, (3) specifically addressing vibration suppression, and (18) addressing noise suppression. Note that Air Force 1 (The personal aircraft of the President of the United States of America) utilizes a Stand-Off Damping System.

         (29) DTI VBT Software/Test Systems have been delivered to date.

         Damping Technologies, Inc. characterizes dynamic mechanical properties of viscoelastic materials via ASTM E-756 for many, many customers in a variety of industries. DTI performs SAE J1637 material measurement tests for many customers. These SAE J1637 customers often come from the U.S. automotive industry.

         Damping Technologies, Inc. participates in innovative damping system research addressing high-cycle fatigue issues related to resonance response of rotating bladed structures in gas turbine engines. Several very impressive research programs are on-going.


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