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This home page is dedicated to the preservation of my heritage both German and American. I have been researching not only the Prell surname, but all surnames directly related to my blood-line. I use Family Tree Maker for all of the data input and tracking. Currently, I have over 4268 individuals in the database and over 1350 families spanning 54 generations with 1097 different surnames.

Known variations and misspellings of the Prell name: du Prel, du Prell, Duprel, Duprell, La Prell, LePrell, La Prel, Laprell, Prells, Prels, Prelz. Please go to for the history of the French surname variants. 

There appears to be (2) slightly different versions of the Prell Coat of Arms. Only one version is officially documented in Siebmacher's Wappenbuch

My name is Joseph, and have been involved in genealogy research since 1988. However, I have been interested in this field for many, many years. I am a member of the following lineal descent societies:

SAR [Sons of the American Revolution] National No. 149000 and Ohio State No. 8017
OIWUS [Order of Indian Wars of the United States] Member No. 181
NSSDP [The National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims] National No. 10530 and Ohio State No. 296

My 4th great-grandfather, David Sprong, was a soldier in the American Revolution. His father, Cornelius Sprong, (my 5th great-grandfather) served in the French and Indian War in 1746, was captured in Quebec and held prisoner until the French exchanged prisoners with the British. My 4th great-grandfather, Joseph Hall, (of another branch) was also a soldier in the American Revolution along with my 5th great-grandfather, Ebenezer Ward Finney.

My 10th great-grandfather, William Ward, was the founder of Marlboro, Massachusetts and one of the founders of Sudbury, Massachusetts.

I have an indirect link to ancestors that sailed on the Mayflower, but no direct blood-line so far. John Phinney, my 9th great-grandfather, settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and was appointed Constable of Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1642.


Dual Dedication Ceremony

Finneytown Cemetery
Cincinnati, Ohio

E.W. Finney    

  David Sprong


The following surnames are being researched:

Prell, Prells, Morgenroth, Elsbernd, Schwietert, Meyer, Sukop, Schwartz, Platte, Stegner, Goeller, McGill, Hall

The Sprongh (Sprong) surname is traced back to 1630 and the Elsbernd surname is traced to the early 1600's as well. The Finney (Phinney) line reaches back to the early 1500's and before, even down to King William the Conqueror of England. I am having difficulty tracing the Prell surname since the name appears to have changed. After tracing back (3) generations, I have found the surname Prells appearing. I also have the Jackson, Johnson and Ward lines back to the 1500's. The Lewis surname is traced to the early 1100's and the Fiske surname traces to the early 1300's. The Fisher line is traced back to the 1400's.

I am researching my wife's (Elizabeth) family roots for the benefit of her and our children, Andrew Michael, Monica Elise and Anastasia Genevieve. Her father, Richard, is aiding me in this project. The children are members of NSCAR (National Society Children of the American Revolution) lineage society. Elizabeth is a member of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) lineage society. DAR National number 845964.

Her 7th great grandfather, Ephraim Dutton, Jr., was a Revolutionary War soldier. He served in a company of soldiers from Westford, Massachusetts, enlisting for 8 months under Captain Joshua Parker's Company and served in April 1775 as a Minuteman at the Battle of Lexington. He also served in 1777 and was present at the Battle of Cherry Hill in November 1778, where he was captured by the Indians and taken into the New York State wilderness, and held prisoner until 1780 when he was released.

Another 7th great grandfather, Asa Bixby, was also a Revolutionary War solder. He was a Private in Captain Joshua Parker's company, Colonel Robinson's regiment.

Below are the surnames from her lineage. Please see her ahnentafel chart for more information.

Smith, Books, Neumeister, Houser, Miller, Bobb, Barre, Boswell, Phillips, Dutton, Sauers, Dean.

Most of the data appearing on this Web site can also be located on CD (World Family Tree CD no. 1 and 10) from I am participating in a World Family Tree Project that is still active for future releases as users gather more information. I have additional charts and data at my home page on at The Prell Genealogy Web page.

To learn more about the standard structure of the GEDCOM database format, please refer to The GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5

Please see my ahnentafel chart or view the SURNAME LIST created by GED2HTML for more information. I also have another Web site, Prell Web Page, at Family Tree Maker Online where you will be able to view other reports not presently published here.

What is an ahnentafel or ancestor table? I found a good explanation on CompuServe by: Sandy Clunies as well as in the Genealogy Forum on CompuServe. Also, there are discrepancies in calendars causing double-dating. Please see double-dating for more information on this anomaly.

I have found letters written in German that can be used as a template when requesting information from genealogy sources in Germany. Please see German Letter and German Embassy Letter. Also, I have found German Genealogy Symbols that describe the more common symbols associated with standard German documents.

Also, there is a really good text translator that will work from English to German and vise versa. It will translate other common languages as well. Please visit AltaVista Babel Fish link.

A Visitor from the Past by: Thelen Paulk is an excellent poem about a Revolutionary War soldier who appears in modern times and is shocked at the changes in the government he once fought for. You can purchase a complete book of his poems for $6.00. The book is called, Poems for Patriots, Pilgrims & Pioneers and the address is: P.O. Box 437, Watervliet, Michigan 49098. There are discounts for bulk quantity orders.

The Census Taker is an interesting poem that takes you back in time during an early census. Then it moves to the present and closes the loop with yourself browsing through microfilm census records. Very thought provoking!

If anyone has any information on the above surnames (esp. Prell and Prells) please contact me at the e-mail address below, or drop a note in the guest book. Thank you.


Please sign my guest book before you leave. You can also view the guest book. Thank you!




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